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An online training programme for next generation soil advisors engage with advisory services across the EU and associated countries to strengthen the knowledge and skills base to provide impartial advice on soils and sustainable management.

Visioning Cards

Visionaning cards designed to help to understand about soil knowledge in an engaging and visually captivating way.


Discover the NBSOIL Glossary, a comprehensive compilation of key terms and concepts related to sustainable soil management. Navigate through a curated collection of definitions to enhance your understanding of soil health, translated into the seven project languages.

Knowledge Base

The NBSOIL project will gather existing
knowledge regarding Nature-based
Solutions (NBS) for soils and how these
can be beneficial for society. The
knowledge base will showcase a portfolio
of NBS for soil health addressing the EU
Mission Soil objectives.

Media Kit

Find relevant information for covering soil health, sustainable soil management practices and soil advisory to revert soil degradation in Europe.


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8 - 12 September 2024

14th LCA Food International Conference

Barcelona, Spain
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