The NBSOIL Academy is a blended training programme prototype targeting both existing and aspiring soil advisors. Participants will engage with soil health and nature-based solutions experts, demonstration sites, advisory services, and other Soil Mission projects across the EU and associated countries to strengthen the knowledge and skills base to provide nature-based advice on soils across all land use sectors. The Academy will be launched on 5 June 2024. Register now!

The NBSOIL Academy stands as a pioneering two-year training prototype aimed at empowering existing and aspiring soil advisors to effectively deploy nature-based solutions.

What you’ll learn 

The NBSOIL Academy will provide you with a variety of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to provide advice for sustainable soil management. The course content will be structured into four modules, alongside a final project. The modules will be released gradually from June 2024 to May 2025. 

Advanced Modules


Soil and NBS

Starts in June 2024


Facilitating Soil Health Living Labs

Starts in October 2024


Digital tools for soil health monitoring and mapping

Starts in February 2025


Improving soil-related decision making in business and policy

Starts in May 2025

Final Project

The final project will address a real soil advisory situation, designed in teams and mentored by the NBSOIL experts. This will span the last nine months of the Academy, from October 2025 until June 2026. 

Academy Contents

Online Modules

Containing self-learning materials, tests and assignments facilitated through an e-learning platform 

Live Sessions

A series of introductory and complementary webinars for each module.  

Practical Workshops and Demonstration events

On-site practical workshops and demonstrations hosted by NBSOIL demo sites and other Soil Mission projects across Europe.

Learning Levels

Level 1


Foundation learning​.
All participants understand essential concepts. ​
Content available in 7 languages:
English, Polish, German, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish.​

15h x module

Level 2


Intermediate learning.
Participants deepen their knowledge with specific exercises (like tests or assignments), being able to choose topics that interest them more.

30h x module

Level 3


Advanced learning​.
Available for participants who want to go beyond self-learning and test their knowledge with an in-depth, practical exercise.

60h x module

Is This for Me?

The NBSOIL Academy is addressed to people living in Europe currently working as soil or agricultural advisors as well as aspiring ones. The Academy aims to train the new wave of soil advisors on sustainable land management to improve European soil health. Participants from beyond the EU and Europe are also welcome. However, note that we might have some capacity limits for non-Europe-based participants. 

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