The Nature-Based Solutions for
Soil Management

The Nature-Based Solutions for Soil Management – NBSOIL – project is a four-year EU funded project that aims to create and test a learning pathway for existing and aspiring soil advisors.

NBSOIL will design an attractive blended learning programme to train a new wave of soil advisors. The training will provide participants with the tools to implement a holistic vision of soil health through nature-based solutions (NBS) and collaborate effectively across different temporal and spatial scales.

Coordinated by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation (IUNG) in Poland and comprising 14 partners from 8 European countries, the project is funded under the EU Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ contributing to the objective of leading the transition towards healthy soils by 2030.

Soil is crucial for sustaining life on earth and combating climate change. However, it tends to take a backstage seat in the policy sphere. NBSOIL will reposition soil health as one of the core topics in food systems discussions.

NBSOIL aims to mainstream an NBS approach and emphasise the importance of soil monitoring and soil literacy

The project will focus on six multifunctional practices to test them as nature-based solutions (NBS) and to develop a holistic approach to land management and soil health:

  • organic fertilisers from locally available biowastes;
  • cover crops;
  • paludiculture;
  • forest diversification;
  • bioremediation;
  • and blue and green infrastructure in urban and peri-urban areas on a natural, rural, urban and industrial setting context.

Open-source technology

Online and field sessions

Open-source technology

Eight European countries

Two-year hybrid training course

Opportunities to engage with soil related stakeholders

The project builds up on existing soil knowledge and available open-source technology to develop a two-year hybrid training course to train the new wave of soil advisors. The learning programme aims to train over 300 participants from eight European countries: Poland, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

The course will be available in the countries’ local languages and will be comprised of both online and field sessions, as well as opportunities for participants to engage with a variety of soil related stakeholders.


Knowledge base
Soil and nature-based solutions
Prototyping the NBSOIL academy
Soil sensing and mapping
Business models and policy framework
Communication, dissemination and exploitation
Project management and quality assurance
Ethics requirements

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