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First NBSOIL co-creation workshop takes place online

NBSOIL co-creation workshop

The NBSOIL team held the first online co-creation workshop in two sessions on the 11 and 18 May 2023. Reaching out to both internal and external stakeholders, the workshops aimed to better understand the NBSOIL audience and needs in order to better develop the content for the Soil Academy MOOC (massive open online course), advanced modules and tools fitting the needs of soil advisors across the European Union.

The workshop created an immersive, interactive and flexible learning experience on soil health. The session involved agricultural advisors, farmers, researchers, knowledge-sharing experts, policymakers and other stakeholders interested in the characteristics of soil health, how to ensure it and how to maintain it. Participants agreed that there are many strengths, opportunities and resources that could be leveraged in the creation of an effective soil-focused course.

A key aspect highlighted during the session was the need to be able to share knowledge without reducing complexity. It is essential to open conversations around the complexity of the topic and start putting together the complex puzzle that is soil health. The MOOC would benefit from bringing in that myriad of perspectives highlighting experts engaging in a collaborative process where farmers, advisors and other stakeholders share their perspectives and a wide array of ways of doing things.

The co-creation workshops were also a great opportunity to learn what stakeholders from across Europe are doing and thinking to support improvements in soil health. It was also a space to share knowledge with colleagues and access practical information on this topic, being at the forefront of this process and making sure their voices are heard.

Discover in detail the main takeaways from the sessions and the next steps in creating the Soil Academy.